Diversity in three areas

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Meghmani, the paracetamol manufacturers in India are not only well-known for that, but have also achieved many milestones beyond that. Being a company with huge exposure and experience they hold expertise in Pharma, Paper Chemical & Pigment industry. With their journey being initiated in the year 1977, they intended to emerge as a trusted name […]

Benefits of pharmaceutical industries in India

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Pharmaceutical companies are the need of the hour. Meghmani group, which is a well-known paracetamol brand name in India, pioneered itself as the largest Paracetamol manufacturers in India and many other companies followed it. The only purpose of a pharma company is not to earn an outstanding amount of profits and grow the business, but […]

Pigment violet 23 and its application

paracetamol brand names in India

Meghmani group, which is known for being well-known paracetamol brand names in India, has also made a mark in the pigment industry. The pigment is an industry that adds colour to the world through its creations. They are also India’s largest exporter of Violet – 23 & holds 20% Global Pigments Market Share. Today we […]

Pharma & E Learning


Continuous upgradation and growth in the field of pharmaceutical industry brings about new ideas and concepts every single day, thus making it inevitable for a professional in that industry to stay updated with the latest innovations. Meghmani, well-known paracetamol brand names in India is one of the leading pharmaceutical industries which catches up with all […]

An organization is much beyond its products or services

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Meghmani has been known as one of the largest paracetamol manufacturers of India and the largest exporter of violet -23. However, does the production & processes only define the organization, or is there something beneath it? Obviously not, there are many more factors that make an organization successful other than the manufacturing and production activities. […]

Role of Pigment in Ink & Packaging Industry

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Meghmani Group has made a benchmark in the pharma, pigment, and paper chemical industry with its noteworthy contribution to the economy. Currently, the demand of manufacturers of organic and inorganic pigments has risen drastically. Due to its multipurpose use and being able to give customized solutions, it has become more consumable in numerous industries. When […]

4 important Pharma Terms And Their Meanings

Paracetamol brand name in India

Every industry has its own jargon that is hard to interpret by the people who do not belong to that industry. Today, we are going to bring to you 4 words belonging to the pharma industry and the meanings that can help you understand better once you enter the industry. So, here it goes – Paracetamol […]

Why does Meghmani hold the Essence of Excellence?

Essence of Excellence

  A company in any industry requires expertise in its niche to stand out and serve with their customers with the most premium products or services. Meghmani has set a perfect benchmark by becoming one of the most known paracetamol brand names in India along with operating in Pigment & Paper Chemical Industries. A few […]