Pigment Violet 23 (PV23) is a colourant and synthetic pigment derived from carbazole. It is a member of the dioxazine family of heterocyclic compounds.

History of PV23

PV23 has been used for decades now. Its origin goes back to 1928 when a patent for this drug was registered by Hoechst company based in Germany.


Until WWII, the pigment was used only to process diamine light blue, a direct dyestuff for cotton. It wasn’t until the early 1970s PV23 found its way into colouring polymers offering more versatility in applications.


What began as a requirement for blue shades to be perfect has evolved so much overtime there are now many shades available based on PV23 offering an array of various tones.


PV23 in the Modern Days


The invention of a new type of dye made from a compound that reacts with cellulose, a vital resource used in the creation of paper, among other things, opened up this field again. This dye had a unique quality of making specific colours glow under ultraviolet light, attracting attention and inspiring innovation within the industry.


PV23 is a high-performance polycyclic pigment (HPP) utilized when a colourant’s criteria are particularly stringent. High light and weather fastness, solvent fastness, and heat stability are among them. PV23 is also notable for its excellent colouring power. The crude violet pigment has a granular, crystalline structure under the electron microscope, whereas the pigment particles are pulverized.


Uses of PV23

PV23 is a finished pigment that is used for:


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