Meghmani Group has made a benchmark in the pharma, pigment, and paper chemical industry with its noteworthy contribution to the economy. Currently, the demand of manufacturers of organic and inorganic pigments has risen drastically.

Due to its multipurpose use and being able to give customized solutions, it has become more consumable in numerous industries. When it comes to the packaging industry, manufacturers have to pay attention to the reproduction of color tones due to variable paper quality. Today, we will have a look at a few of the reasons why pigment plays a critical role in the packaging industry.

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Accurate Dispersion

In order to have good brand quality, visibility, and set a certain standard the use of the right pigment and ink is inevitable. The selections are to be made based on the requirement of the user or the company.

Bleed, heat and migratory factors reflect the selection that has been made. For example, liquid inks require a press cake form. The quality of dispersion determines its usefulness with versatile solutions for offset, gravure for publications, decorative and laminate inks.

Water-based Inks for Tints

Due to their lesser impact on the environment, more people are using this. Water-based inks are considered to be eco-friendly as they due to less harm they cause to the environment. However, when it comes to water, a lot of problems arise in creating pigments. Anti-foaming bubbles are used to reduce the microbubbles to stop the ink from becoming thick.

Solvent-based inks

When it comes to solvent-based inks, the main considerations for creating applications depend on surface tension configuration, print speed requirement, chemical compatibility, end-use of the application, and compliances with industry regulation. Based on the above factors samples will be manufactured for the client.

The ultimate key to preparing pigments for offset applications is flexibility and understanding of the basics. The whole inkjet industry is dependent on water and solvent-based inks. The main focus in today’s times is to look after the ethical aspect of all the processes. The emphasis is to create an outcome that is required by the customer and also falls in the industry norms.