Meghmani group, which is known for being well-known paracetamol brand names in India, has also made a mark in the pigment industry. The pigment is an industry that adds colour to the world through its creations. They are also India’s largest exporter of Violet – 23 & holds 20% Global Pigments Market Share. Today we are going to have a look at a few aspects of Violet 23.

Violet – 23 has been recognized since 1928 since a patent was filed for the pigment after the researchers underwent some process with certain pigments. Till the World War – II ended, the pigment was only used to process diamine light blue, a direct dyestuff for cotton.

With the invention of reactive dyes, new and promising use for PV 23 was quickly discovered due to the pigment’s capability to produce unique colors. PV 23 has been used as a pigment since 1953.

Pigment Violet -23 is an organic compound that is a commercial pigment. It is a dioxazine or carbazole violet suitable for inks, paints, and many coatings. We are going to look at various characteristics of PV – 23 that makes it unique from the rest of the pigments in the industry.


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Let’s talk in detail about the area of applications when it comes to PV – 23. Here are the following areas in which it is extensively applied –


The application of this pigment is wide and impactful in many industries. It is a pigment that has made a mark in the pigment industry.