paracetamol brand names in India


A company in any industry requires expertise in its niche to stand out and serve with their customers with the most premium products or services. Meghmani has set a perfect benchmark by becoming one of the most known paracetamol brand names in India along with operating in Pigment & Paper Chemical Industries.

A few factors that honor Meghmani Group with the title of being an essence of excellence are as follows –


Meghmani goes along with sustainability in their level of performance and the processes as well. They not only make sure that they maintain the quality of their manufacturing and delivery of products but also see to it that the processes are eco-friendly so as to sustain the environment in the long term.


Having embarked on their journey with Pigment industries they landed in Paper chemicals and Pharma industries along their way. They always strive to expand their business and step out of their limits to add value. They do not shy away from the huge expansions and growth that comes their way. Instead, they seize the opportunity and create ways for collective growth and development.

Always the best

At Meghmani, no stones are left unturned when an industry is tapped into. May it be Pharma or pigment; they have left their marks by becoming the prime supplier in India. Meghmani is India’s largest exporter of Violet -23 and is a known paracetamol brand name in India as it is the largest manufacturer.


An organization is defined by the principles that it adheres to. With principles like governance, transparency, sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and a proper code of ethics it has grounded itself very well.

Not only do they ace in their industry performance but also give their employees an atmosphere wherein they can grow and thrive. With 40 years of experience and more than 6000 employees, they have proved that if a dedicated team driven by a strong purpose comes together. they can turn the tables. Indeed, Meghmani Group holds the essence of excellence.