What Is API? In the world of pharmaceuticals, API stands for "Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient," and it plays a vital role in the manufacturing and development of drugs. An API is considered a biologically active component of a drug product that has the

An active pharmaceutical ingredient is a chemical that is responsible for the pharmacological activity in the living body and is used as a major basis for the preparation of drugs that treat a wide variety of diseases such as cardiovascular

Meghmani group is a $550 million enterprise that has now outgrown over five successful decades. We have been focusing on delivering quality products and inspired consumer confidence by following environment-friendly practices. We are not only limiting ourselves to customers but

In the past five years, India has made a name for itself as a major exporter of pharmaceuticals and medication. India supplies over 50% of the world's prescription drug needs. The Indian pharmaceutical industry has contributed significantly to global healthcare

A Pigment is a particulate solid that changes the colour of reflected or transmitted light due to wavelength-selective absorption. It is insoluble and is applied as finely powdered solid particles combined with a liquid rather than as solutions. The demand

Pigment Violet 23 (PV23) is a colourant and synthetic pigment derived from carbazole. It is a member of the dioxazine family of heterocyclic compounds. History of PV23 PV23 has been used for decades now. Its origin goes back to 1928 when a

Meghmani, the paracetamol manufacturers in India are not only well-known for that, but have also achieved many milestones beyond that. Being a company with huge exposure and experience they hold expertise in Pharma, Paper Chemical & Pigment industry. With their

Pharmaceutical companies are the need of the hour. Meghmani group, which is a well-known paracetamol brand name in India, pioneered itself as the largest Paracetamol manufacturers in India and many other companies followed it. The only purpose of a pharma

Meghmani group, which is known for being well-known paracetamol brand names in India, has also made a mark in the pigment industry. The pigment is an industry that adds colour to the world through its creations. They are also India’s