The market of the chemical industry is worth a billion the major producers of chemicals are from the USA, Europe, Japan, etc. There are various chemicals which are produced & which are used in medicines, nail polish remover, etc.
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However, due to the call for a clean & green environment, the chemical companies have to find innovative ways to maintain their profitability
Here are the challenges of the chemical industry in 21ST Century:

1) Minimising the Pollution:

The whole world cannot ignore the generation of pollution, The pollution will be there if a company is producing anything, but while producing the chemicals the chemical companies have to have a plan to minimize the pollution to some extent during the production process.

2) Company Should Focus More on Research & Development:

The chemical producing company needs to focus on the research & development process if the company is planning for a new production process also the company should focus on the environment-friendly production techniques which will least affect the environment

There is no doubt that the chemical industry has developed its demand in the global market. As in today’s time, the chemical industry has revamped itself to meet the growing demand.

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