Thermo Black-2 is the main component for black image formulations or as shading component for Color image formulations.

THERMO BLACK-2 is used as a color former in both thermal paper and carbonless paper application. In thermal paper, this takes the form of applying an aqueous coating composition to a pre-coated base paper. This coated paper is then dried and calendared

Technical Data sheet

  • Product nameTHERMO BLACK- 2
  • Chemical FormulaC35H36N2O3
  • Molecular Weight532.68g/mol
  • Chemical Description2-Anilino-6-dibutylamino-3-methylfluoran
  • CAS Registry No.89331-94-2
  • EINECS No.403-830-5

Physical & Chemical Data

  • Physical AppearanceOff white to white powder
  • Purity by HPLCMin. 99.5 %
  • Loss of dryingMax 0.3 %
  • Melting Point182-185 °c
  • Insoluble matterMax. 0.1 %

Mainly use as a color former in carbon less paper applications.